Mirus research

Development of UI, logos and branding materials for Mirus and their clients.

Melaco sisters

Melancon Industries already had a successful off-shore equipment company and decided to open up a hardware store to expand their product lines.

After researching their business, a logo and branding standards were developed as well as store design mockups, gift cards, employee apparel and social media concepts.

Rader family Farms

This agritourism site presents many opportunities to learn from hands on experiences about agriculture in central Illinois, helping bridge the gap between city and country life.

Illustrations and designs for posters, gift cards and mailers were developed for their events.


the top 10

A visual representation of the 10 commandments.

R.p. lumber

Rebranding and design for advertising promotions distributed to over sixty R.P. Lumber locations in Illinois. 

txtdom identity

Identity for a non-profit that educates on the dangers of distracted driving.

tall order creative

Identity concept for an advertising agency.


our value

Identity and designs for ourValue spray-foam insulation.

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logo designs


light Painting

A series of occupations and hobbies using long exposure technique. All images are illuminated with only a flashlight for long periods of time.

various Lighting

Experimenting with sources of light – natural, minimal, and studio lighting.


Each summer the Missionary Church invites youth groups from around the Midwest to participate in the Central District Youth Convention – also known as “the best week of the summer!” 

As part of the Tech Team, I’ve been responsible for presentations, graphics, photography, and video to capture the energy and emotion of the week.

knew love

A series of portraits depicting couples and how they met each other, and when they ‘knew’ it was it was meant to be.

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